Auto Transport Broker – Choose Wisely

Auto transport broker – choose wisely or else…

Deciding which auto transport broker to use can be a daunting chore. Before becoming involved in the industry we had no idea how many companies were out there. After jumping in with both feet, we found there are hundreds of brokers scattered across the U.S.A.

It seemed like an impossibility to narrow the choice down to one. Should you choose a local company or does it really matter? Just like choosing an insurance agent there are many things to look at before deciding who to work with.

Start at the beginning…

In order to speed up the decision making process we should start at the beginning. You can find a variety of companies to give you a free quote by searching online for “auto transport”. A good place to start is Google,, or Yahoo.

By completing the online request form with your individual moving information; you can get up to 10 quotes from one request. For a valid quote you will need to provide information like the city you are moving from and moving to; the year, make and model of your car; and when you want to move.

To protect your Inbox we suggest you get a free Gmail or Yahoo email account for this information delivery. Don’t worry, you can delete it later. Trust us…you’ll thank us later for this savvy piece of insider information.

As seasoned professionals we would advise you to toss out the lowest quote and the highest quote. Industry averages are almost always in between the middle to mid-top quotes. You can be assured of a stress free move if your quote is properly calculated and accepted the first time through.

Price isn’t most important…

In the auto transport business pricing isn’t necessarily the most important factor. When you have narrowed down your decision to five or six different companies, you will want to call them.

Listen very carefully to how the representative answers the phone. Use your gut feeling; are they polite, are they rude. The way you “feel” about your conversation can tell you a lot about the person and company on the other end of the phone.

Listen to that little voice inside of you. If it says ask more questions, then ask more questions. If it says “run”…do not wait, hang up the phone and don’t call back. Remember, you are the “employer” in this transaction, you make the choice not vice versa.

In today’s new economy the consumer…you…are savvy. You must be a wise consumer; look at all of the deciding factors, not just the money. Service with a smile, prompt replies to your email and phone calls can relieve a lot of stress for you.

You don’t decide on the family dentist based on price do you? Shipping your car using an auto transport broker is no different.

You certainly do not need a screaming meme corralling you into a corner giving you no choice but to give up your credit card. That is a sure sign of a broker who is desperate and doesn’t give customers the service they are paying for.

A big RED flag to watch for is a company who will negotiate for the lowest price or match the competition’s price. This WILL result in your vehicle sitting until the cows come home…it will not get moved. Why? Because this is an indication of the broker getting your deposit, or scheduling fee with NO intention of moving your car.

These types of brokers are notorious for “baiting and switching”. This means they will tell you what you want to hear fully knowing that this price will never accomplish your goal.

Then they advertise the vehicle at the market rate and come back to you with a trucker’s price. This deceptive tactic is used to skirt the issue that they lied to you. They tell you your car will be picked up, but it’s going to cost you this increased rate.

So, get your ten quotes. Decide which ones you are going to throw out. Call the brokers with the middle of the road priced quotes. Then, listen very carefully. Ask questions and your little voice will direct you to the right broker for you.
Now you have some professional advice when researching auto transport and choosing wisely.

Watch for our free report coming soon, “7 Steps To A Successful Auto Transport”.